3 Tips to Get Better in No Limit Hold’em

Play Tighter Than Ever

The solution to losing at poker isn’t to play more hands. Poker isn’t Blackjack, you should fold much more than you play hands. Being picky about the type of hands you play will greatly reduce your losses. Almost always fold when you’re the small blind. So what that you have chips down and only need to call half a bet. That adds up as time passes and you’ll be in bad position post-flop. Stick to the top 5 starting hands when you’re in this spot and the Top 10-15 from everywhere else.

Be Aggressive

Now you have to play those hands with aggression to ensure you get paid off. If you have a good small blind hand, don’t limp in, raise. There are times when you might have to slow-play a hand, but that shouldn’t be your strategy every time you have a strong hand. Playing tight and passively allows your opponents to outdraw you or control the hand. The only drawback to playing tight and aggressive is it can make you predictable. If you fold 10 hands in a row, they’ll know you have a monster when you finally play. But if that happens, you can bluff more, and they might start calling your monsters when they think you’re bluffing. So mix up your betting style and play slightly looser in late position. Just don’t lose the aggression. 

Pay Attention To Pot Odds 

It’s fine if you can’t calculate odds on the spot, all you need to know is number of outs you have. Let’s say you have 8 outs on the flop, you have a 32% chance of making your hand with two cards coming and 16% with one left. So you can call roughly 1/3 of the pot. But imagine you only have 3 outs, you can’t call that size of the bet. You don’t need to do math on every flop you see, just know you’re outs, the size of the pot and the bet size. Try to only draw when it’s not heads-up, because more callers increase you pot odds. Lastly, don’t be afraid to be aggressive when you have a lot of outs, especially if no one is controlling the hand, otherwise, the pots you win will be small. Read on agen poker online for more details.

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